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Come Join The Cult (GDLIYWI) 21

I’ve invented a new word today: plagiarism.

On Your Feet Or On Your Knees is the first live album by American rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released February 27, 1975 by Columbia Records. The album features three songs from each of the band’s first three studio albums, two covers (“I Ain’t Got You,” albeit with modified lyrics, and “Born to Be Wild”), and one (“Buck’s Boogie”) original instrumental that remains a staple of the band’s live shows to this day. With the album achieving greater success than their previous releases, it went gold and it gave the band more time to work on a follow-up; the band members were able to purchase home recording equipment to record demos for their next album.

BOC were one of those bands that I tried to get into but they never quite did it for me. Whether it was the poor production on their early albums, the density of their songs or their strange lyrics, BOC just passed me by until the Some Enchanted Evening live album. That album clicked with me and subsequent releases, especially Cultosaurus Erectus, opened my ears to what this band had to offer. So would this live album of earlier material resonate with me?

Thankfully, it does. The production sounds a lot better than the studio versions, and the songs sound the more lively for it. The band sound great and guitarist Buck Dharma is outstanding, his soloing is immense throughout but especially during Buck’s Boogie. There’s a few missteps on here; the last two tracks, covers of Born To Be Wild and I Ain’t Got You, seem to go on too long and they could have been swapped out for a couple of original numbers but these are kinda minor quibbles. Overall the album is excellent and a great introduction to early Blue Oyster Cult.

Is it excessive? No, 12 tracks all under 8 minutes or so makes it a quick listen. Would I listen to it again? Yeah, maybe not the last two tracks though. Would I recommend it? Yeah, it’s not the first album I’ll go to but it’s a pretty good album. Is there a drum solo? No, there’s a lot of great guitar solos but no drums. Sweet!

OYFOOYK gets a 7.5/10. Join me next time for the hottest re-evaluation in the world. TTFN.

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