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Caught In A Grand Funk (GDLIYWI) 23

“There’s definitely a benefit at bedtime in putting your phone in Airplane mode.”

“What is it?”

“It’s a setting on your phone that switches off WiFi and Bluetooth but that’s not important right now.”

Today’s look-back album sees the return of Grand Funk Railroad and their 1975 release Caught In The Act. I’ve heard more GFR in the past 12 months than I have in the past 50-odd years! With keyboardist Craig Frost joining in ’72, the band were operating as a four-piece, had a couple of big chart hits under their belts and were still selling out tours. So how does it compare to their previous live release?

For me, it’s a poor effort compared to the previous one. Some of the songs here are great; Heartbreaker still kicks ass, as does The Railroad; the playing is still good, the addition of Frost on keyboards has allowed the band to expand on its sound, but I do have to criticise the choice of covers on offer here. I was never a big fan of their versions of The Locomotion nor Some Kind of Wonderful so hearing them here was not pleasant but what on earth possessed them to cover the Stones’ Gimme Shelter? (drugs would be my guess). All the subtlety of the original is lost, and the song is bludgeoned to within an inch of its life.

Is it excessive? Only 1 track of the 13 is over 10 minutes but there are 3 unnecessary covers, so maybe? Would I listen to it again? No. Even though it features my favourite GFR song, I’m Your Captain /Closer To Home, it just doesn’t have the power and joy of their first live album. Would I recommend it? No, but I would point them to the 1970 Live Album as it’s a more enjoyable listen. Is there a drum solo? Yup, same song more-or-less same drum solo. Were those cover versions necessary? No, it might have been fun to see in the flesh but it doesn’t translate well on the vinyl.

This barely scrapes a 5, even if you hadn’t heard the first live album you’d be disappointed with this. On deck next, I come face to face with the great whale . TTFN.

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