Free As A Bird (GDLIYWI) 29

Someone ripped the pages out of both ends of my dictionary today.

It just goes from bad to worse

One More From The Road is a live album by Southern rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, capturing three shows recorded in July 1976 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. Since 1974, Lynyrd Skynyrd had supported rock promoter Alex Cooley so that the Fox Theatre was saved from demolition. This record was the band’s first live album, and the only live album from the band’s classic era of 1970 to 1977, prior to the plane crash that killed lead singer and songwriter Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, and backing singer Cassie Gaines.

At last! After a run of rather lacklustre live albums, we finally come to an album that a) sounds like it’s live, b) has the singer actually interacting with the audience and c) sounds like the band, and fans, are having fun! I have to confess that the only Skynyrd record I had was a 12″ep with only 3 songs: Sweet Home Alabama, Double Trouble and Freebird and I figured that was all I needed. Later on, after hearing That Smell, Gimme Two Steps and, the quite frankly awful, Simple Man I was intrigued enough to buy a second-hand greatest hits tape and be satisfied that my Southern rock albums included someone else other than Blackfoot (note: this is not a knock on Blackfoot. Also note: Blackfoot’s founder Rickey Medlocke played drums with Skynyrd between 71-72 and then rejoined the band in 1996 as guitarist, where he tours and records with them to this day).

OMFTR is an album that makes me really happy and very sad at the same time; happy because the songs on here are great, there’s a real joy and togetherness in the band’s playing that oozes out of the album. The interplay between guitarists Collins, Rossington and Gaines is a delight and Ronnie Van Zant is not only a great singer but a brilliant frontman too. The songs sound fantastic, fresh and have a sense of urgency about them. The sad bit is the fact that Gaines and Van Zant, along with backing singer Cassie Gaines (Steve’s sister), lost their lives in a plane crash and with it all that talent.

Is it excessive? No. It just some good time hard rock’n’roll with plenty of great, great guitar solos. The only long song on here is Freebird and that gets a pass because of those dueling guitar solos. Would I listen to it again? Most definitely, I’m an idiot for not having this in ny collection sooner but better late than never, eh? Would I recommend it? Hell, yeah! For me it’s Skynyrd at their finest. Is there a drum solo? No, but there are plenty of sweet, sweet guitar solos to keep all us air-guitarists happy.

Final score on this is a 9/10. Probably one of my favourite listening experiences, along with The Allman Brother, that I’ve had for this blog to date. Very highly recommended. On deck next how a man on the silver mountain can bring me down so low. TTFN.

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