Gathering Moss (GDLIYWI) #33

Aaron Lewis of Staind is releasing some new music. It’s good to have him back, it’s been a while.

A double live album featuring songs from 2 tours and a secret nightclub performance, Love You Live is probably one of the best live albums the Rolling Stones have released. I remember having this on cassette, bought at a second hand record store (I only bought it because of the song Star Star included swearing in it. Yes, I was at that rebellious stage of being a teenager when songs with swear words were super cool to me- hello Bodies and Too Drunk To Fuck) and despite the muddy-ish production the songs shone through and it is probably a pretty good representation of their live shows at that time.

It was a release that had quite a few issues: Andy Warhol was dismayed at the hand-drawn titles, added by Mick Jagger, scrawled over Warhol’s artwork; Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards sharply disagreed over which songs to feature, as Richards wrote in his autobiography: “It’s a two-disc album, and the result is that one disc is Mick’s and the other was mine.”; of the 4 R’n’B songs featured on side 3 (recorded at the El Mocambo club in Toronto) only Around And Around is free from overdubs. Despite all this though, Love You Live sparkles with energy, passion and reminds you, when you listen to it today, of how good a live act The Stones were.

Side note: At the El Mocambo gig, April Wine opened for the Stones, who appeared on the bill under the name “The Cockroaches,” so the majority in attendance thought they were attending an April Wine concert. April Wine also recorded their live album Live at the El Mocambo at these same concerts.

Some people seem to be unimpressed by The Cockroaches.

I really like this album, I love the energy from the band, the song selection (Sympathy for the Devil, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Happy), my rediscovery of how amazing a drummer Charlie Watts is (I knew he was good but because he’s not as flashy as Keith Moon or John Bonham, Charlie gets lost in my mind as a great drummer), also the guitar playing of Keith Richards- a great riff machine but I never saw him as a great soloist however the solos he produces on the aforementioned Sympathy and You Can’t Always Get are fantastic.

Of course it’s not all fun and games; Hot Stuff and Fingerprint File drag the album down a bit and during Jumpin Jack Flash, Jagger sounds a little gassed, gassed, gassed but these are little personal nitpicks. Even though the tracks are taken from different tours, the sound of the album (with the exception of side 3) is pretty cohesive. Speaking of side 3, the band going back to their r’n’b roots is pretty damn good, they sound like their having fun and it makes me want to hear that entire show *goes off to check YouTube*

Love You Live gets a 9/10, a big thumbs up from me and is highly recommended; it’s a lot of fun and showcases how great the Stones were as a live act.

On deck next: some good old-fashioned heads-down no-nonsense mindless boogie, so until then TTFN!

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