Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #43 Guitar

The bloke who scanned my items at the supermarket was rude, unhelpful and smelled like he’d been drinking.
That’s the last time I use the self checkout..

Guitar, a 1988 live album by Frank Zappa, is the follow-up to 1981’s Shut Up ‘n’ Play Your Guitar; like that album it features Zappa’s guitar solos excerpted from live performances, recorded between ’79 and’ 84, and it also garnered Zappa his sixth Grammy nomination for “Best Rock Instrumental Performance”. Now you’re probably wondering (why I’m here?) why this album is low down on this list seeing as I love Zappa’s guitar playing and I love to listen to him create air sculptures; well, unlike the SUAPYG series and barring a few solos on here, I find this album to be quite one-dimensional in a lot of places and the solos tend to blend into one another. There’s a lot more variety in the songs on SUAPYG than on here, a little more finesse and character to them; the majority of the solos on Guitar, whilst enjoyable in small doses, can be quite headache inducing. Great in small doses but overall not a patch on Shut Up… 2/5.

Frank Zappa – guitar
Ray White – guitar
Steve Vai – guitar
Tommy Mars – keyboards
Bobby Martin- keyboards
Ed Mann – percussion
Scott Thunes – bass guitar
Chad Wackerman – percussion
Ike Willis – guitar
Allan Zavod – keyboards
Denny Walley – guitar
Warren Cuccurullo – guitar
Arthur Barrow – bass guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta – percussion
Peter Wolf – keyboards

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