Falling Portraits

Ringing ears, tolling of death, birds in my house, it is not burying weather; crows scream in passing. I stand in the shadows of graves, touching trees with unwashed hands; do not wish upon the moon, there’s nothing here for you now. Scraping, begging, for days, the clouds cannot hold water, thunder addles, the shiver of the owl cutting through me. I will lay in the dirt, dry up in the sun, feet first to the east, a bleeding corpse burnt in offering.

Lyrics by Paul Ravenwood. Digital artwork inspired by the song Falling Portraits by the atmospheric black metal band Twilight Fauna. Taken from the 2017 independently released album The Year The Stars Fell.

I used the MirrorLab app to change a photograph of tree bark into the image above. Originally posted to my Instagram page on 22/05/21.

Published by labarbaazul8067

I'm just a creature from the heap so excuse my savage ignorance.

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