Overcoming The Void

The solar rays fill my lungs so I can breeze the void. Defenseless universes annihilate by flap of a butterfly wing. The void grows bigger; the void regenerates, eating away the hole inside me. The void approaches, it’s entering my dreams and eradicating the images of reality. With single word awakened, the mute ocean will expand and butterflies will flow again to tear the solar flesh and stars will gather and will spin around the empty shade of frozen bitterness and empathy for us to gaze.

Lyrics by Alexander Machtakov. Digital artwork inspired by the song Overcoming The Void by the one man black metal band Mute Ocean. Taken from the 2014 independently released album Overcoming The Void.

I used the MirrorLab app to change a photograph of a tree trunk into the image above. Originally posted to my Instagram page on 24/05/21

Published by labarbaazul8067

I'm just a creature from the heap so excuse my savage ignorance.

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