For Whom The Bell Tulls (GDLIYWI) #35

I used to be a narcissist, but look at me now.

Bursting Out is a 1978 live album by the rock band Jethro Tull. It was recorded at various locations during the European Heavy Horses Tour in May and June 1978. Though the specific recording dates and locations are not credited, the liner notes and stage introduction indicate that at least some tracks were recorded at the Bern Festhalle in Switzerland, on 28 May 1978. spelling error on the spine of the first US, Spain and Sweden LP pressings listed the title as “Busting Out”.

Thanks to my school friend taping some of his older brother’s record collection for me, Bursting Out was my first introduction to Jethro Tull and it has remained my go-to record when I need my Tull fix. For a live record you can ask for much more than what is contained on here: strong, dynamic versions of their classics (Locomotive Breath, Thick As A Brick), classic banter from a front man who has the audience in thd palm of his hand, top-notch musicianship and a surprisingly decent six-minute flute solo! I didn’t even hate the drum solo in Conundrum!

For me it’s pretty much a perfect live album, all the members get to shine and flex their muscles but also they combine their talents to form one ferocious rock and roll band. I got to give it a 10 because I can listen to this on repeat for ages and not get bored.

Up next is a live album from a wizard, a true star but until then TTFN!

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