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The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #59 Paul Davidson

photo courtesy of Discogs

I can’t find too much information on today’s pick Paul Davidson, he doesn’t have a wiki page, so I used what was on his Discogs bio. Jamaican singer, who is also credited as songwriter, engineer, producer, and harmonica player had a hit in the UK charts with the Allman Brothers classic Midnight Rider, which reached #10 in January 1976.

I’ve always got time for a good Midnight Rider cover and this one is really good. This was probably the first version I heard back in the day, and I was surprised that it charted in January because a) I heard it almost every day on the radio during that long, hot heatwave of ’76, and b) the reggae rythym of the song, Davidson’s sweet voice, and the mellow guitar solo make this sound more like a summer hit than a winter one. Massive like for this one, two thumbs well and truly up.

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