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Artists With Self-titled Songs (AWSTS) #13

Let the rain fall on my tombstone and wash away my name, and let me lie in my unmarked grave in the earth revolving around the sun: unconscious, skinless, and at complete rest. Let the atoms that make up my bones dissipate and return to the earth; unconscious in rest returning to mother earth. FreeContinue reading “Artists With Self-titled Songs (AWSTS) #13”

The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #82 Violinski

I just met someone else who doesn’t know what a globe is.It’s a small world. Violinski was a rock band formed in 1977 by Electric Light Orchestra violinist Mik Kaminski with former member Mike de Albuquerque on guitar and vocals. The rest of the band included Barry Dunnery (formerly with Necromandus), John Hodgson (drums), PaulContinue reading “The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #82 Violinski”

Artists With Self-titled Songs (AWSTS) #4

Our fourth installment of ‘the song title is the band’s name’ features five more acts beginning with the letter ‘A’. You can check the Rate Your Music list below to see possible upcoming acts (if I can find a YouTube video), and leave a comment to suggest any songtitle/band that the list and I mayContinue reading “Artists With Self-titled Songs (AWSTS) #4”

Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #3 Deodato

Caddlie, caddlie yoooo-hoooo! Now then folks, on today’s rip-roaring, brain shaking, thrill-a-decade blog I will present to you the third song my glorious search of the UK Top 40 One Hit Wonders. And the record today is quite the doozy! A Grammy winning doozy at that, it’s Deodato’s 1974 hit cover version of “Also SprachContinue reading “Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #3 Deodato”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #43 Guitar

The bloke who scanned my items at the supermarket was rude, unhelpful and smelled like he’d been drinking.That’s the last time I use the self checkout.. Guitar, a 1988 live album by Frank Zappa, is the follow-up to 1981’s Shut Up ‘n’ Play Your Guitar; like that album it features Zappa’s guitar solos excerpted fromContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #43 Guitar”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #47 The Perfect Stranger

If anyone knows how to reverse cheap plastic surgery, I’m all ears. The Perfect Stranger is a 1984 album featuring the music of Frank Zappa and conducted in part by French conductor and composer, Pierre Boulez. Boulez conducts three tracks (The Perfect Stranger, Naval Aviation In Art? and Dupree’s Paradise) which are performed by Boulez’sContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #47 The Perfect Stranger”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #52 Jazz From Hell.

Whilst Fred Astaire danced down the steps, his brother Stan just slowly carried an old woman up them. Jazz From Hell is an instrumental album whose selections were all composed and recorded by American musician Frank Zappa. It was released on November 15, 1986 by Barking Pumpkin Records on vinyl and cassette, and in 1987Continue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #52 Jazz From Hell.”