Let’s Create Another Album! #2

After the rip-roaring success of my first LCAA post (2 likes and a comment!) I’ve let power and fame go to my head and decided to create another one. The premise, unlike Phase 4 of the MCU, is pretty simple: pick an artist and make the best playlist you can by having a maximum ofContinue reading “Let’s Create Another Album! #2”

Sponsoring The Moshpits 3 (a): a guide to HMHB

After a fairly lacklustre ending to the nineties, our heroic chaps greeted the new millennium with a freshly found pep in their step by releasing 3 albums and 2 ep’s within the first 5 years. First up was Trouble Over Bridgwater, a pun on the Simon and Garfunkel title. 16 tracks of rip roaring postContinue reading “Sponsoring The Moshpits 3 (a): a guide to HMHB”

Let’s Create An Album!

I stole this idea of the internet and thought I’d share it with you. Basically, pick an artist and make the best playlist you can by having a maximum of one song from each studio album and having each song in the same position in the running order as it is on the album. YouContinue reading “Let’s Create An Album!”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #39 The Yellow Shark

Released in November 1993 The Yellow Shark, was the last Frank Zappa album to appear in his lifetime, almost exactly a month before he died of the cancer from which he had suffered for several years. It features live recordings from the Ensemble Modern’s 1992 performances of Zappa’s compositions. In the album’s notes, Zappa describesContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #39 The Yellow Shark”

Sponsoring The Moshpits 2 (b): a guide to HMHB

The latter half of the nineties saw the band reach a new level of stability. Ian left and Neil returned to the bass – Ken Hancock joined to play lead guitar and Carl Henry became the drummer, where they remained until 2017 (previous drummer Carl Alty joined Northern Ireland punk-poppers Joyrider, although he did continueContinue reading “Sponsoring The Moshpits 2 (b): a guide to HMHB”

Sponsoring The Moshpits 2 (a): a guide to HMHB.

Half Man Half Biscuit released 5 albums and 2 EP’s in the 1990’s, so this post will featured the first half of that year. After reforming in 1990, with a performance at the Reading Festival following, a new single, Let’s Not was issued before the year was out, and this was followed in 1991 byContinue reading “Sponsoring The Moshpits 2 (a): a guide to HMHB.”

Live And Lou’d(GDLIYWI) #38

This album, from 1978,was recorded during May at The Bottom Line in New York and contains ad libs by Reed during and between songs, among them a detailed story of the origin of Walk on the Wild Side, and a rant against rock music critics, particularly Robert Christgau (who said it was “essentially a comedyContinue reading “Live And Lou’d(GDLIYWI) #38”

Tubes Snake Boogie (GDLIYWI) #37

What Do You Want from Live is The Tubes debut live album released by and was recorded at the legendary Hammersmith Odeon, London during the height of the punk rock era in 1977. Despite their somewhat out-of-step musicality, the band’s humorous and manic stage show found favor all over the country. The cabaret-like shows lasted over an hour, ending withContinue reading “Tubes Snake Boogie (GDLIYWI) #37”

Todd-A-Doodle-Doo (GDLIYWI) #36

Recorded during week-long stints in New York City (The Bottom Line), Los Angeles (The Roxy), and Cleveland (The Agora) Back To The Bars features music from Todd Rundgren’s albums Something/Anything?, A Wizard, a True Star, Todd, Initiation, and Faithful with a couple of Utopia numbers thrown in for good measure. Sides 1 and 4 featureContinue reading “Todd-A-Doodle-Doo (GDLIYWI) #36”

For Whom The Bell Tulls (GDLIYWI) #35

I used to be a narcissist, but look at me now. Bursting Out is a 1978 live album by the rock band Jethro Tull. It was recorded at various locations during the European Heavy Horses Tour in May and June 1978. Though the specific recording dates and locations are not credited, the liner notes andContinue reading “For Whom The Bell Tulls (GDLIYWI) #35”

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