Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #40 Meets The Mothers of Prevention

Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention is a 1985 album released in two slightly different versions in the US and Europe. The album’s title is a reference to the lobby group, the PMRC, who were campaigning to require record companies to put warning stickers on albums they considered offensive, and to Zappa’s former band, theContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #40 Meets The Mothers of Prevention”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #41 Cruising With Rueben & The Jets

Cruising With Rueben & The Jets is the fourth Mothers of Invention album, the cover, by Cal Schenkel, depicts the band as anthropomorphic dogs and this is apparently a concept album, influenced by 1950s doo wop and rock and roll. I don’t really see the ‘concept’ here except for the fact that the band lovedContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #41 Cruising With Rueben & The Jets”

Sponsoring The Moshpits: A guide to HMHB

Frank Zappa once posed the question: “does humor belong in music?” For me the answer is a resounding “yes!” and Birkenhead’s wry four-piece post-punk outfit, Half Man Half Biscuit, from my neck of the woods, are one of the best bands to incorporate their wit and sarcasm into their music. They’ve got songs dealing withContinue reading “Sponsoring The Moshpits: A guide to HMHB”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #42 Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch.

My friend said that when lockdown ends we can go camping so I am making a list of everything I need. 1.New friends.

It Might Just Be A One-Shot Deal

I didn’t realise that I needed an hour long version of this song, with the steel guitar solo looped. But surprisingly, thanks to YouTube nailheadparty and an edit by Tom dissonance, I found out that I did! Released on Frank Zappa’s 1972 Waka Jawaka, IMJBAOSD features the steel guitar playing of Peter “Sneaky Pete” KleinowContinue reading “It Might Just Be A One-Shot Deal”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #43 Guitar

The bloke who scanned my items at the supermarket was rude, unhelpful and smelled like he’d been drinking.That’s the last time I use the self checkout.. Guitar, a 1988 live album by Frank Zappa, is the follow-up to 1981’s Shut Up ‘n’ Play Your Guitar; like that album it features Zappa’s guitar solos excerpted fromContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #43 Guitar”

Upsetting The Status (GDLIYWI) #34

Do you want to hear an Elton John joke?  It’s a little bit funny. Live! is the first live album by British rock band Status Quo. The double album is an amalgam of performances at Glasgow’s Apollo Theatre between 27 and 29 October 1976. The two guitarists had differing opinions of the album with FrancisContinue reading “Upsetting The Status (GDLIYWI) #34”

Gathering Moss (GDLIYWI) #33

Aaron Lewis of Staind is releasing some new music. It’s good to have him back, it’s been a while. A double live album featuring songs from 2 tours and a secret nightclub performance, Love You Live is probably one of the best live albums the Rolling Stones have released. I remember having this on cassette,Continue reading “Gathering Moss (GDLIYWI) #33”

Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #44 Thing Fish

I was recently stopped in the street and asked who my favourite vampire was. I said the muppet from Sesame Street. “He doesn’t count,” came the reply. “Oh I assure you, he does.” Thing-Fish is an album by Frank Zappa, originally released as a triple album box set on Barking Pumpkin Records in 1984. ItContinue reading “Ranking The Frank Zappa Albums #44 Thing Fish”

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