Same Old Song And Dance (GDLIYWI) #41

Live! Bootleg is a double live album by American hard rock band Aerosmith, released in October 1978. While most of the performances were drawn from concerts in 1977 and 1978, I Ain’t Got You and Mother Popcorn were taken from a radio broadcast of a Boston performance on March 20, 1973. In the band memoir WalkContinue reading “Same Old Song And Dance (GDLIYWI) #41”

The Power of Love (TSTRTS) #9

Finding three songs with the same title is one thing, finding three songs with the same title all released quite close to each other is quite unusual. The U.K. Top Ten in 1985 had three songs titled The Power of Love from three different artists. The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood wasContinue reading “The Power of Love (TSTRTS) #9”

Today (TSTRTS) #8

Today’s seems as good as any other day to decide with of these 3 songs, all singing about today, is the best. Up first is Jefferson Airplane offering from their 1967 Surrealistic Pillow album. It’s a gentle little folk-rock ballad which was written by vocalist Marty Balin for Tony Bennett. Marty Balin said, “I wroteContinue reading “Today (TSTRTS) #8”

Liar (TSTRTS) #7

There’s a bit of a loud guitar theme to the four songs featured on today’s The Song Title Remains The Same post about lying liars and the lying liars who tell them. The first is from Queen taken from their debut album. Next it’s those fine, young, wholesome chappies from London, The Sex Pistols. MegadethContinue reading “Liar (TSTRTS) #7”

Wishing Well (STRTS) #4

Continuing my Song Title Remains The Same series, today we look at 3 different songs entitled Wishing Well. First up is the great British blues/rock act Free and their 1972 hit taken from their sixth, and final album Heartbreaker (which was featured on the first TSTRTS post) Next up is the pop/soul US #1 hitContinue reading “Wishing Well (STRTS) #4”

Ingress, Thy Web Hast Spun

Fire, Earth, Water, Air –Salt, Sulphur, Blood.Fourfold, and Triungulum:Calling Pathways of obscurity.A Sigil Emblazen as the Cipher of Silence;The Triune Conjunction of the fifth,Open and Ingress, Seperate and Ignite,Ha-Ilan Ha-Hizon! Lyrics: Lunar Mantra Image inspired by the song Ingress, Thy Web Hast Spun by Glaswegian black metal/ambient band Lunar Mantra. Taken from their 2015 debutContinue reading “Ingress, Thy Web Hast Spun”

Upsetting The Status (GDLIYWI) #34

Do you want to hear an Elton John joke?  It’s a little bit funny. Live! is the first live album by British rock band Status Quo. The double album is an amalgam of performances at Glasgow’s Apollo Theatre between 27 and 29 October 1976. The two guitarists had differing opinions of the album with FrancisContinue reading “Upsetting The Status (GDLIYWI) #34”

Overhead A Rainbow Appears, In Black And White. (GDLIYWI) 30

If anyone wants to come and talk to me about my shoddy joinery work, my door is always open. On paper the idea of recording Rainbow during their Rising tour, promoting their seminal hard rock classic album, and releasing a live album from said tour should have be a slam dunk. The potential for aContinue reading “Overhead A Rainbow Appears, In Black And White. (GDLIYWI) 30”

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