Live And Lou’d(GDLIYWI) #38

This album, from 1978,was recorded during May at The Bottom Line in New York and contains ad libs by Reed during and between songs, among them a detailed story of the origin of Walk on the Wild Side, and a rant against rock music critics, particularly Robert Christgau (who said it was “essentially a comedyContinue reading “Live And Lou’d(GDLIYWI) #38”

Cover Me #11 Easy Star All Stars

I recently rang my wife up and asked her if she’ll have me back if I stop obsessing about Blondie. “OK, where are you?” she said. “I’m in the phone booth, it’s the one across the hall..” Today’s Cover Me post features the Easy Star All-Stars, a reggae collective founded in 1997 by members ofContinue reading “Cover Me #11 Easy Star All Stars”

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