The Power of Love (TSTRTS) #9

Finding three songs with the same title is one thing, finding three songs with the same title all released quite close to each other is quite unusual. The U.K. Top Ten in 1985 had three songs titled The Power of Love from three different artists. The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood wasContinue reading “The Power of Love (TSTRTS) #9”

Gimme Gimme Gimme (TSTRTS) #6

Today’s The Song Title Remains The Same offering features three very different acts with three very different takes on this song title. Up first is Sweden’s 2nd greatest export of the seventies *cough* ABBA. Next comes a little bit of a spicy Southern rock courtesy of Blackfoot. Finally, a furious couple of minutes courtesy ofContinue reading “Gimme Gimme Gimme (TSTRTS) #6”

Wishing Well (STRTS) #4

Continuing my Song Title Remains The Same series, today we look at 3 different songs entitled Wishing Well. First up is the great British blues/rock act Free and their 1972 hit taken from their sixth, and final album Heartbreaker (which was featured on the first TSTRTS post) Next up is the pop/soul US #1 hitContinue reading “Wishing Well (STRTS) #4”

I Want You (TSTRTS) #2B

Following on from the previous installment, this post features 3 more versions of I Want You, this time all by solo artists. First up, is the glorious Bob Dylan with an upbeat, jaunty little number. Next, something a little different as soul legend Marvin Gaye let’s you know what he wants. And finally, probably theContinue reading “I Want You (TSTRTS) #2B”

The International Language Of Screaming Part 1

My dog’s learning to speak a foreign language.”“EspaƱol?”“No, he’s a labrador.” Although my foreign language skills are poor, poorer than a church mouse who’s just received a huge tax bill after finding out his wife has ran off with the last piece of cheese, I do enjoy listening to songs not sung in English. BelowContinue reading “The International Language Of Screaming Part 1”

Santa Saucery (AXP) 14

Day 14 brings us the bubblegum pop of Japanese trio Shonen Knife and their 1991 release, Space Christmas. Kurt Cobain’s favourite band spend a very poppy/Ramones-esque 3 minutes wishing us a merry christmas and waiting for Santa to bring them a spaceship and fly around the galaxy, stopping off at Pluto to eat marshmallows andContinue reading “Santa Saucery (AXP) 14”

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