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Is Van the Man? (GDLIYWI) 15

Stuckonthemoonandicantgetabeer. Thereisnospacebar. Today’s album re-evaluation features that well known mardy arse Van Morrison and his 1974 live album, It’s Too Late To Stop Now. It features performances that were recorded in concerts at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, California; the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, and the Rainbow in London during Morrisons three month tour with his eleven piece band, theContinue reading “Is Van the Man? (GDLIYWI) 15”

Making A Wish (GDLIYWI) 14

I threw a ball for my dog yesterday. I admit it was a little extravagant, but it was his 16th birthday. Today’s double live album is from Britain’s Wishbone Ash, who are noted for their extensive use of harmony twin lead guitars. Their contributions helped Andy Powell and Ted Turner to be voted “Two ofContinue reading “Making A Wish (GDLIYWI) 14”

A Whole Heep Of Trouble (GDLIYWI) 12

A woman in Utah has claimed she is possessed by ghosts that use her to write novels. I myself, am possessed by the ghost of Charles Dickens; I’ve not written anything yet, but I have great expectations. Today’s album re-evaluation is by the very ‘eavy, very’ umble ‘eavy metal godfathers, Uriah Heep. Uriah Heep LiveContinue reading “A Whole Heep Of Trouble (GDLIYWI) 12”

I’m Descending From Out Of Space (GDLIYWI) 9

I was abducted a few years ago. I was taken aboard a ship where they made me brush my teeth three times a day, wash behind my ears and eat all my greens. I think I was on the mothership. Welcome back double-live album aficionados to another re-evaluation episode, in this one we feature SpaceContinue reading “I’m Descending From Out Of Space (GDLIYWI) 9”

Jerry And Bob’s European Vacation(GTLIYWI) 2

I just received some great news! My boss has made me his sexual consultant. Well, his exact words were: “When I want your fucking advice, I’ll ask for it!” Another day, another blog post, another live album, and more specifically, another Grateful Dead live album! Their third record to be featured here, and a tripleContinue reading “Jerry And Bob’s European Vacation(GTLIYWI) 2”

Bowling A Made In Over (GDLIYWI) 8

During this COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve been keeping busy and have started to learn the guitar.  My wife asked me politely if I could stop playing  Wonderwall; I said maybe. Welcome back my little chums to another re-evaluation of a classic double live album. Tonight’s morsel is the 1972 Deep Purple classic Made in Japan, whichContinue reading “Bowling A Made In Over (GDLIYWI) 8”

What A Good Year For The Roses (GDLIYWI) 7

I bumped into two very attractive blonde sales reps in the street who promised me a night of fulfilling all my sexual fantasies if I was to advertise Persil washing powder. Naturally I refused, as my love for my wife is strong.Strong like the cleaning power of New Persil Ultra, with 48 hour freshness andContinue reading “What A Good Year For The Roses (GDLIYWI) 7”

Half ‘Man Half Whipping Post (GDLIYWI 4)

I’ve been trekking around the world and have made many amazing discoveries but none more amazing than finally finding the source of mercury; apparently it’s Hg wells. Welcome back my friends to the blog posts that never ends, (I’ve got that ‘joy’ to review some time down the line!) and another double live album fromContinue reading “Half ‘Man Half Whipping Post (GDLIYWI 4)”