Every Second Counts (GDLIYWI) #32

I’ll be going to Autopsy Club later on. It’s open Mike night.

I’ll get this out the way right now: I quite like the Collins-led version of Genesis, for the most part. Oh sure, it’s not going to hold a candle to the Peter Gabriel-era, but the first Genesis song I heard was Turn It On Again in 1980 and I absolutely loved it. It wasn’t until after 1981’s ABACAB album that I started to delve into the Gabriel years and I was hooked by the intricacies of the music, lyrics and theatricality of the band after watching a half-hour TV performance from 1972 whilst channel paddling one night (we only had 3 channels, it could hardly be called surfing!). I still enjoyed the later Genesis years but soon realised that they were two different groups, and I could quite happily separate the two eras.

Seconds Out, their second live album (but first double) was released on 14 October 1977 on Charisma Records. This was their last to feature guitarist Steve Hackett prior to his departure. Hackett left during the mixing of this album, and after hearing it I can see the reason why. It’s very muddy, quite keyboard and bass heavy, which relegates Hackett’s guitar behind a swathe of Banks’ keyboards. This does a great disservice to Hackett’s playing and the great choices of songs here: Carpet Crawlers, The Lamb Lies Down, The Cinema Show, all let down by a dull and lifeless production and stage presence. Hackett shines through on Firth of Fifth and Supper’s Ready, but the muddy production doesn’t do any of the band any favours.

I was looking forward to this album as I enjoy Genesis in general, but coming after an upbeat and exciting Gentle Giant live album this was somewhat of a letdown. Poor production (have I mentioned that?), dull performances and a drum solo make for a sleepy listening. I know they can do better than this because I’ve heard bootlegs from this tour and they sound like a different band, the songs seem to have more energy. I probably won’t listen to it again, it’s not that much different from the studio albums which have better production, nor would I recommend it.

Overall, it’s a 6/10 for me. There are bootlegs out there that are a better listening experience, check out YouTube. Next on deck it’s the Charlie Watt’s Band featuring the Glimmer Twins. TTFN.

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