The Crucifixion

Whenever I’m in doubt, I ask myself, “What would Jesus do?”

Then I remember Jesus lost a 50/50 vote to an insurrectionist and got crucified, so his decision making skills obviously weren’t brilliant.

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For me, Easter has always been a strange holiday. It’s the celebration of the death and resurrection of the Christian saviour Jesus Christ, but it’s bizarre that, depending on whether you use the Gregorian or Julian calendar, you could be celebrating Easter anytime between March and May. We have an agreed upon date for his ‘birth’ that never changes but his death, or inconvenienced weekend, is a fluid flexible date. Anyway, speaking of crucifixions…

Billy Connolly’s Crucifixion routine first appeared on his live album, Solo Concert back in 1973. It re-tells the story of the Last Supper, moving it  from Galilee to a drunken night out in a pub in Glasgow and it brought him fame, new fans and a whole heap of controversy with outraged religious leaders believing the routine to be blasphemous. Among those were the board of his alma mater and in later years Billy returned to St Peter’s and discovered that his jokes had so offended the school, his name had been removed from its records.

Rare image of Leonardo’s first draft for The Last Supper.

Billy became the darling of the UK late night chat show circut in the 70’s and I would always watch the Big Yin whenever I could with my dad (who’s also Scottish) as it was always good to hear my dad laugh. My dad had a couple of his albums but he never allowed me or my sister to listen to them; for whilst Billy’s late night television appearances were fairly family friendly, the album material was certainly not suitable for such young ears! Still, it didn’t stop a young 11-year old sneaking into my parents’ room one day, whilst everyone was out either working or shopping, and listening to (and taping) the album! Now I didn’t understand everything that I heard that day, but I remember laughing a lot at some of the absurd situations (The Jobbie Weecha and Harry Campbell and the Heavies in particular) and subsequent listens yielded a better understanding of comedy, some new songs to sing and a richer lexicon of naughty words to impress my friends with! This piece, The Crucifixion, is probably one of the finest, funniest and most absurd bits of stand-up comedy I’ve had the pleasure of hearing and after nearly 50 years, it still has the power to shock and outrage some people and, more importantly, make other people laugh. Enjoy!

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