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Listening Post

A quick post about some of the new-ish songs I’ve been listening to over the past week or so, when I’ve not been looking for one-hit wonders or self-titled artists songs. First up is Italian parody metal act Nanowar of Steel, and their latest album Dislike to False Metal After two great parody metal albums,Continue reading “Listening Post”

The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #59 Paul Davidson

I can’t find too much information on today’s pick Paul Davidson, he doesn’t have a wiki page, so I used what was on his Discogs bio. Jamaican singer, who is also credited as songwriter, engineer, producer, and harmonica player had a hit in the UK charts with the Allman Brothers classic Midnight Rider, which reachedContinue reading “The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders (WWOOHW) #59 Paul Davidson”

The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders #45 Althea & Donna

My friend just received his PhD for years of research into the history, development and usage of palindromes. Say hello to Dr. Awkward. Althea & Donna were a Jamaican reggae vocal duo, consisting of teenage singers Althea Rose Forrest (17) and Donna Marie Reid (18) and are best known for their 1977 reggae single UptownContinue reading “The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders #45 Althea & Donna”

The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders #8 Black Slate.

Amigo is a 1980 reggae song by UK band Black Slate. It reached No.9 in the UK and New Zealand charts. Its success emphasized Black Slate’s prominence as one of the few UK-grown reggae bands. Black Slate was formed in 1974, including musicians from England, Jamaica, and Anguilla. They backed several Jamaican singers, including DelroyContinue reading “The Wonderful World of One Hit Wonders #8 Black Slate.”

The Documentaries of Wolfgang Büld

Due to a combination of the nights fair drawing in, some slight (non-Covid) sniffles, and the rain lashing down so hard that a 600-year old man knocked on my door and asked if I had any spare gopher wood, Xmas at mi casa was an sedate, indoor affair. After filling up on so much sugaryContinue reading “The Documentaries of Wolfgang Büld”

Marley, Scrooge And Me (GDLIYWI) #39

Babylon by Bus is a live album released by Bob Marley and the Wailers in 1978. The tracks on this album are considered, with two exceptions, to be from the Pavillon de Paris concerts over 3 nights, 25–27 June 1978, during the Kaya Tour, though there are discrepancies in the track listing. Like the 1973Continue reading “Marley, Scrooge And Me (GDLIYWI) #39”